Welcome to the Last Drop!

Whatever the time, whatever the occasion, we’re glad to see you here.


We offer a variety of delicious small dish items, and various baked goods.  The best part?  All of it is gluten free and allergen-friendly.  Everyone that’s ever had to stare longingly at a tray of donuts, crying inside, knows the struggle.  Whether your flavor is bagels or bread, we’ll try to have it ready.  If you have a specific allergy or need, let us know!  We’ll do what we can to accommodate your needs.

For legal reasons, it must be mentioned that despite all reasonable efforts to be gluten-free, there is always the chance the rogue gluten molecule will waft into the kitchen. Yet do not worry, we won’t be turning people away who want to bring their own gluteny sandwich into the shop.  If you’re celiac, we still urge you to take proper precautions.  We’ll be using a mixture of oat, rice, potato, garbanzo, pinto, and corn flours; as well as tapioca, corn, and potato starch; plus xanthum and guar gum.  So if it’s coming out of our kitchen, it will be gluten free and as allergen friendly as possible.


Oh coffee!  That glorious elixir of heavenly aroma and delightful flavors.  We’re going to be experimenting with roasting in-house beans, we source from friends in Guatemala.  Using our in-house roasted beans, and our in-house grinder, we can control quality from bean to table.  All this goes together to make sweet, sweet, bitter goodness.

We offer two main categories of coffee:

  • The delicious espresso based drinks, be they cappuccino, latte, frappe or other.
  • The brewed coffees, including pour-over and cold brew all fully leaded!  Rightfully so, as there’s no such thing as decaf coffee, that’s called tea.
  • We will also offer a variety of teas, green and black to name a few.


House getting fumigated and need a place to hook to the interwebs and power for the next 7 hours?  Come on in!  Kids driving you crazy and need a place to bring them to run around while you caffeine up?  Let me direct you to the play area.  Your weekly meeting of pastors tired of having nowhere good to meet?  I got a table saved just for you.  Whatever the reason that’s bringing you, consider mi casa es su casa!

Best part…  You’ll be going somewhere that knows you.  We’re implementing a new take on the traditional “loyalty card”, by remembering you, your favorite drink, and any active discounts you’re eligible for.  We offer a variety, including police, teacher, and pastor discounts to name a few.  Make sure you ask when you come in!



SERIOUSLY! We’re not just saying that.  If you don’t have a good time at my shop, we want to know why.  We might not be able to fix it, but we at least would like to know.  We also want to hear any suggestions or comments you may have.  If enough people want something, We’ll do our best to work it into to our cooking rotation!

Stephen Bardowell

Crystal Bardowell